- Glycerin (derived from Coconut Oil) - Sorbitol (sweetener sourced from various fruits) - CMC, Xanthan Gum (all natural emulsifiers) - Hydrated Silica (plaque remover) - 5-Methyl-2-(1-Methylethyl), Cyclohexanone & Darlie fragrance (peppermint scent/flavourings) - Activated Bamboo Charcoal powder - Sodium Benzoate (preservative) - Saccharin (sweetener) - Sodium Calcium Carbonate (makes the toothpaste foam) * NO INGREDIENTS CONTAIN ANIMAL BY-PRODUCTS.
- For the best results brush your teeth twice a day with the Activated Charcoal Toothpaste and don't forget to floss!
- Each tube should last approximately 3 months when used as directed.
- If you have braces we recommend waiting until after they are removed as the Activated Charcoal Toothpaste will not remove stains found beneath the bracket.
- YES! Our toothpaste does everything the average toothpaste does and more! We understand it is hard to let go of the toothpaste you have been using your entire life, so feel free to use it in conjunction with your normal oral hygiene routine until you get used to it.
- Everyone will experience different results but some people may notice a change after just one week of using our product. Our toothpaste works especially well on stained and discolored teeth. It is an alternative to using chemical teeth whitening and for most people it will provide gradual improvement.
- Our toothpaste tube is 100g (3.5oz) net weight
- Our toothbrushes are 100% biodegradable and do not pollute the environment so you can brush your pearly whites knowing you are doing the Earth good!
- We recommend using the toothbrush in conjunction with our Activated Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste in order to maximize results. However, using our toothbrush alone can help to remove stains on the surface of your teeth over time in conjunction with your everyday toothpaste.
- Studies show that you should replace your toothbrush every 3 months - and guess what? - you can even bury it in your garden because it is 100% biodegradable!
- If you have braces we recommend waiting until they are removed as the Activated Charcoal Powder infused within the bristles will not remove stains found beneath the bracket.
- Our toothbrushes are all natural, however, when pregnant, we always recommend consulting a health care professional before using our products.
- The Konjac Sponge is a 100% natural facial and body cleansing sponge made from vegetable fibers of the Konjac (Konnyaku) plant. The Konjac Sponge has been used in Asia first as a bath sponge for newborn babies for more than 100 years because of its soft texture and it does promise more radiant skin just from washing your body and face with it.
- The Black Konjac Sponge gets its colour from bamboo charcoal. Charcoal contains activated carbon and various minerals that enhance absorptive ability, which is perfect for removing excess oil from your skin. Bamboo Charcoal is also a natural anti-oxidant, so it will help fight hard-to-reach bacteria.
- Depending on how you care for it it will last at least 2 – 3 months. By ensuring that it completely dries out in between uses (there is a handy string and a supplied hook for that) and that your sponge is never wrung out (always press flat between your hands to remove excess water during use and don't twist it), you will give your sponge a longer life.
When it starts to break apart and deteriorate, it is time for a new sponge. Simply compost this sponge (it is 100% natural material, and completely safe – and earth friendly – so feel free to do so),
- Activated Charcoal, known for its detoxification and pH balancing properties, absorbs a thousand times its own weight in dirt, bacteria and chemicals; ideal for targeting acne and other skin impurities. It also provides a jet-black appearance, but don’t worry, although this will leave a light black 'smear' on your skin after use, this is easily removed using a small amount of your favorite body wash.
- Sucrose (Black Sugar, White sugar), Sodium Chloride (Deep Sea Salt), Powdered Activated Bamboo Charcoal, Kaolin clay, Cold Pressed Avocado Oil (Persea gratissima), Glycerine*, Cetearyl Glucoside*, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Frangipani Oil, Coconut parfum. * Naturally derived
1. Dampen your skin in the shower 2. Take a small marble-sized amount in the palm of your hand and gently massage onto your body in a circular motion. 3. Rinse thoroughly first with water then any residual charcoal/oil mixture on your skin is easily removed using a small amount of your favorite body wash. 4. Seal the scrub pouch carefully after use 5. Keep the contents dry and discard the remainder 3 months after opening
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